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Relocate, Integrate & Retain
International Talent

Advanced relocation services
for your international employees
and their families
Our Services

Long-term productivity of international employees

High-end relocation services boost employee satisfaction and guarantee a successfull relocation. Here is how.


We remove practical roadblocks so your employee can adapt to the Danish workplace and sustain growing levels of productivity.


Individualised coaching for your employees to assimilate successfully into the Danish culture depending on their country of origin.


Retain your international talent by helping their partners be content in Denmark and meet the challenges of relocating with kids.


Your employees get a head-start for building community and social connections that tie them to your company and Denmark.


Relocation and expat life have stressful challenges. Give your employees the support they need to establish a sustainable balance in their lives.


Guarantee retention of your international talent by having them develop long-term plans for a life in Denmark with the assistance of their coach.


The new outlook I achieved is liberating and creates a lasting, invigorating self-renewal.”

- H.B.
Expat in Denmark

About Julia

Version 2 J Jones I_edited.jpg

Dr Julia Jones, PhD, is a scientist, coach, and entrepreneur who grew up in Germany and has lived in Denmark for nearly 10 years. After her research career at SDU, she now runs International Talent, which assists Danish companies and higher education institutions with relocating, integrating, and retaining their international talent.

Julia attended Oxford University, where she graduated with a PhD degree. She holds a life and business coaching certificate from Sofia Manning, accredited by the International Coaching Foundation (ICF). 

A modern nomad, Julia has worked and studied in seven countries in Europe and Africa. Today she lives with her British-German family in Odense. In her spare time, she enjoys exploring Funen's wonderful nature.

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