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Create your future workforce
International Talent

International Talent accelerates the integration of expats into Danish companies and society.
Our Services

Successfully attract, integrate, and retain international employees

We empower Danish companies to navigate the transition to a mixed Danish-international workforce through consultancy and training programs.

Understand the challenges

Despite your best efforts, challenges persist? Gain valuable insights into overcoming hurdles in international employee integration through our consulting approach rooted in acculturation and organisational psychology.

Ready for 

We offer training programs for expats designed to expedite their integration into Danish companies and societye. Our training modules are informed by acculturation psychology and HR management research.

Align all
for change

Change is hard and threatens the psychological safety of your existing workforce. We provide training programs for the Danish leadership and workforce, focusing on cross-cultural competency.


The new outlook I achieved is liberating and creates a lasting, invigorating self-renewal.”

- H.B.
Expat in Denmark

About Julia

Version 2 J Jones I_edited.jpg

Dr. Julia Jones, PhD, is dedicated to smoothing the integration of international employees into the fabric of Danish companies and society. Her expertise extends to consultancy on international employee integration, coupled with creating bespoke training programs for expats. Grounded in research, Julia's approach applies psychological models of acculturation to reveal the most effective strategies for seamless integration.


With a Natural Sciences PhD from Oxford University, a BSc in Psychology from SDU, and a Danish coaching certification, Julia's diverse background encompasses academia and coaching. Originally from Germany and now residing in Odense since 2014, she brings a unique cross-cultural perspective shaped by her experiences in seven countries. Beyond professional expertise, Julia has also lived through the intricacies of international employment, family dynamics, and being an accompanying spouse in the Danish context.

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